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About you

Name: Jessica
Age: 20
Location: Walkerton, Indiana
Birthday:(So we can wish you a happy one!)July 14, gonna be 21
Sign: Cancer
Grade you're in: Not in any schooling.
Y.O.G.(Year of Graduation): 2002

Your Writing

-Post a 2 poems/stories that you have written in the past that show significant changes in your writing styles. (Length is not an issue.)
My Giant
I almost don't remember him.
He was tall, yes.
To a child he seemed
a giant, the one who was
waiting for Jack at
the top of the beanstalk.
But he didn't like being called Daddy.
So I sat, quiet,
with my arms in a half-circle,
raised pitifully, unanswered.
He was daddy,
My daddy, my giant.
It never occurred to me
he no longer loved me.

A Raw Goddess
I let you manipulate me.
Showed you the elaborate music
of the raw goddess I am.
Made me delirious like a peach cocktail
with one powerful lie,
a brilliant symphony of drunk giggles
and bitter shadow moments.
Now I stagger away,
departing alone,
like I arrived.
And I am a raw goddess.

-Post a story/poem that you have used for school/a class and the grade you got on it.
I Am The Old
I come from the water,
the rushing blue and white,
the life and fear and
the end of all things.
I am the old,
the forgotten,
the deeply, weepingly

We were supposed to write about an element. Got an A-.

-Write a poem/story about the weather/write a poem about the time of day right now.
[Raining over here]
Garden By The Sea
A surging wave crashes
against the dying pink roses
and white blossom petals
smoothing away the scars of life no longer there.
The air hums with a languid symphony
beneath the winter soil.
I hear the lustful language
of the meandering voice
of the Goddess of life come death.
Spring whispers above a stony ache,
behind it a weak summer storm
the will drench my garden by the sea.

-Use one of the following sentences in a first person short story, with the sentence as the last line or as the first line. (Bold the sentence.)
||I guess this means that my life is on a one way train to nowhere, and what am I supposed to do to stop it?||
||It creeped up to me, but I couldn't be fearful, I was with my children; I had to be strong.||
||Where was I to run to? Both passages were blocked and leg was badly punctured.||

All my plans were useless. College, my book, traveling. Kinda immpossible when you have a new born baby sleeping in the next room. I hadn't meant for this to happen, but then really, who does? And Jake left, the expression on his face resembled that of a stroke victim. But it's best that way, he's no more grown than I am. I couldn't stand raising two children.

I wanted an abortion, until I realized that meant the death of a human being before anyone realized the potential and beauty. I was gonna put him up for adoption until I became greedy. He was mine. Mine. My baby. Looking at him, listening to his breath and feeling his warmth, I realized what the noise was about. This is the whole point of the world, why we were chosen to exist. To raise these little arms and legs and soft vulnerable heads into something that could save the world.

That doesn't mean I'm happy about not getting to live like a carefree girl. I'm stuck here, with more obligations than I ever thought I could stand under. I guess this means that my life is on a one way train to nowhere, and what am I supposed to do to stop it? Raise my boy right, is the only answer that comes to mind.

Your inspirations

-What is the one topic that you most commonly right about and why?
Pain, wether it be physical, emotional or mental-- inflicted by you by others, but most often youself. Living with the choices you make and the consequences that come of those. I write mostly about that because those subjects are universal and most anyone can relate on some emotional level.

-When did you first start writing?
I remember really writing, getting neck deep into a novel when I was 12.

-Is/do you want writing to be a part of your career or future?
I plan on writing novels, volumes of poetry, and when I recieve my criminal psych degree, non fiction on mass and serial murders and murderers.

-Do you prefer writing about yourself or other people and why?
My poetry is autobiographical. I always go through my life like it's a story. In my head, I have an almost constant narrative going on. Sometimes I write it down. But I find it easier to create characters. I believe story ideas aren't thought of by you, but given to you. If you have an idea that seems to eat at you, there's a reason. You better write it down before the muses find someone better to do it for them.

You can post a picture of yourself if you'd like, but it is not mandatory. (If you choose to post pictures, please don't post more than five.)
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