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About you

Name: Andrea
Age: 24
Location: Winter Springs (Orlando), FL
Birthday:(So we can wish you a happy one!) 6/19/80 (I'll be 25)
Sign: Gemini
Grade you're in: Senior in College
Y.O.G.(Year of Graduation): 1998 from high school, 2006 in college

Your Writing

-Post a 2 poems/stories that you have written in the past that show significant changes in your writing styles. (Length is not an issue.)

Doorways and Windowpanes (recent)

So I walked inside and shut the door,
secluded myself inside these four walls.
What a long day it had been,
Such is the usual, same in, same out,
same four walls, same four hours,
Excitement is overrated anyway, or so I thought
Until that knock on my door
some hours after I had resigned to monotony...

Many times now the decision was made
leave that door closed, leave myself cut off
keep everything familiar locked in place
no change, prefent the same beginning, same ending,
same false hopes, same broken heart
loneliness is underrated anyway, or so I believed
until I changed my mind,
opened the door, and stared opportunity in the face.

So, I let him in on a trial basis
and we talked awhile as I gazed out the window
a little nervous and unable to make eye contact
eyes are the window to the same soul, same empty stare
same blank mind, same internal scar,
openness is too complicated anyway, so I had accepted,
until I heard him speak,
with such softness that I could not help but use my voice...

Such words he spoke that night that
Showed that this was someone I always knew
had been a key part missing from my life
as we shared this same moment, same feeling
same thought, same intensity
happiness was never unconditional until now,
until I saw my walls become transparent,
as he saw right through me and into my soul...

Unforgettable was this night I knew,
as I let him take my hand in his and
walk me through the door, outside my little world
as we now shared one soul, one touch,
one heart, one love
soulmates were nonexistant to me until now,
as we began our epic story,
everlasting, never-ending, and eternal.

Blur (written in 1998, right after I graduated high school)
I watch the second-hand
Ticks the seconds of my life away and I wonder
How did I get here and when did I decide to become
Who I am, sitting here today?
Or did I decide?
Or is it me at all
Sitting at watching the time of my life go by?
Years from now, will I think of the me of today
and wonder -- What was I thinking
as the pen scrolled across this paper of mine?
And was it really my thoughts that I poured
onto the paper, thinking of the minutes and seconds
that flew by like a robin-bird,
Blurry and red across the sky of hope?
Five minutes have passed and what have I accomplished?
Schizophrenic thoughts just dying to come out
No real order or no real plan,
Just my hand shaping the letters of my heart
And what is that boy of mine doing -
Last night, he talked in a tone of renewed love
And I missed it when he said it, but
we're both afraid of what's to come
Because we don't know, we're always
ever really into counting the days
but what is a day?
Collections of minutes and seconds and hours
And never really knowing where we'll be tomorrow
And will these wasted hours just go on and on
So confused and just gathering in a never-ending
cycle and no way to get out
My words always coming out wrong
And was that light I just crossed red or green?
Or was that person that nearly hit my car just a moron?
Or was it me?
I toil and work and stress and think
all day every day but what for?
Are any of my thoughts really absorbed
and when I speak does anyone hear me?
If I stopped singing would I start to cry?
Sitting here I can't remember, what was that
THING I always used to think?
And what the hell is my point?
I never make any sense and my words wrap
around and make contradictions because
I never really know what I believe
Until I say it and I often disagree with myself.
Ten minutes have passed and I still won't be
late for class.
I don't like my class anyway.
But confused as I am, I like my life
and all writing is, is just strings of thoughts
Who cares if they make sense?
My bag is broken again but it can be fixed,
No need to worry.
And I really must be going but I leave myself
With this --
Who needs more in life than a pen, some paper, and
some really blurry thoughts?

-Post a story/poem that you have used for school/a class and the grade you got on it.

A Light in the Tunnel
Distressed hair is tossed across your forehead
Peeking through half open, unaware eyes
It is almost a moment shared
But only for the awareness of one
As eyes close, enveloping the consciousness
Not cognizant of this interlude
Again watching your chest rise and fall…
And I gasp at the possibilities
When you so closely resemble an apparition
But in a fully tangible state.

(Wrote this for my creative writing class last semester, I got an A on it.)

I was going to post a story I wrote but it was 8 typewritten pages (single spaced) so I figured that might be a little long.

-Write a poem/story about the weather/write a poem about the time of day right now.

Between the one and twenty-five
A blinking stop sign
Makes its impression
On the inside of my eyelids
I cannot keep them closed long enough
To squeeze it out
Or to cast the sheer shadow of slumber

-Use one of the following sentences in a first person short story, with the sentence as the last line or as the first line. (Bold the sentence.)
I somehow knew the pavement felt cold. I don't know how I knew this, since my newly apparitioned self was clinging like a monkey, with one arm, to a metal bar on the ceiling, staring down at my lifeless body on the pavement. Maybe there was still a little bit of life left in me that allowed me to feel the cold of the pavement and smell the smell of subway exhaust. As I watched the paramedics shock what used to be my body, the distance between us grew. They continued to shock me, while another crew came and loaded me onto as stretcher. A subway train was coming down the tracks. As it pulled into the station and came to a halt, I wondered what the passengers exiting the train would think of seeing a dead body? The paramedics pulled a cloth over my face and wheeled the stretcher with my body on it onto the subway car.||I guess this means that my life is on a one way train to nowhere, and what am I supposed to do to stop it?|| (This is really mediocre for my writing...I apologize...I'm going on 2 hours sleep and it's already 1am...)

Your inspirations

-What is the one topic that you most commonly write about and why?

In my journaling, I usually write about my fiance since he's pretty much all I have in the world. In my actual creative writing, I write when my feelings are provoked, so I've covered anything from frustration with gay rights issues to the loss of a loved one.

-When did you first start writing?

I wrote my first "short story" when I was about 3 or 4 years old (I am an overachiever, I parents used to give me reading and writing workbooks when I was young, I learned to read at age 2...), and I've just kept on going from there.

-Is/do you want writing to be a part of your career or future?
Yes, my major in college is creative writing.

-Do you prefer writing about yourself or other people and why?
I prefer to write about myself as though I'm writing about someone else. When it comes to writing, you don't know any perspective but your own so you have no other choice.

You can post a picture of yourself if you'd like, but it is not mandatory. (If you choose to post pictures, please don't post more than five.)

*Promote on your user info page, I will check. Your application will not be voted on unless it is promoted*

Let us know what you like

1. American Beauty
2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
3. Garden State
4. Requiem for a Dream
5. Jerry Maguire
6. 28 Days Later
7. Super Size Me
8. Back to the Future
9. Clerks
10. Mallrats
11. Say Anything
12. The Breakfast Club

1. Alkaline Trio
2. Fall Out Boy
3. Saves the Day
4. Taking Back Sunday
5. Punchline
6. Brand New
7. The Promise Ring
8. Our Lady Peace
9. Matchbook Romance
10. Bright Eyes
11. The Spill Canvas

1. Red hair
2. Freckles
3. Pale Skin
4. Engaged - getting married July 5th
5. Been in college 7 years - I fear I am a career student
6. My job sucks, but my "hate" provides endless sources for inspiration
7. I have a younger sister in the military, she is like a best friend to me
8. Cockroaches terrify me beyond words
9. I have three cats who I absolutely ADORE.
10. I read like books are going out of style.

1. Scott (my fiance)
2. Cara
3. Rachel
4. (I'm gonna have to stop here because I don't HAVE any others...::sadface::)

1. Diet Coke
2. Starbucks Coffee
3. Quiche
4. Pizza
5. Vodka/Cranberry
6. Chocolate
7. Chocolate
8. Chocolate

1. Vans sneakers
2. T-shirt
3. Jeans
4. Bra
5. Engagement ring
6. Socks
7. Underwear

1. COCKROACHES (I say this again because I killed TWO of them tonight)
2. Bad spelling
3. Pessimism (it's ok to be negative sometimes but I'm referring to people who hate the world)
4. Bruessels Sprouts
5. Drinking water with food
6. Paying bills

1. Go to work
2. Put on make up
3. Kiss my fiance
4. Write
5. Read

1. 24
2. American Idol
3. The Simpsons
4. Family Guy

1. Orlando, FL
2. Hamden/New Haven/Easton, CT
3. Winter Springs/Oviedo/Casselberry, FL

1. Enough money to pay off all my debt so I can sleep at night.
2. Worldwide cockroach extinction.

1. My fiance, who is up in CT for his best friend's funeral :(
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