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Let your mind do the writing

8/24/05 08:42 pm - xblueskyex - stamped//leaving

It's been fun, but I'm leaving all my rating communities. I just don't have time for it with a full time job & full time college right now. Thanks for the good memories - if anyone wants to be friended, let me know.

6/2/05 01:21 am - xblueskyex

ApplicationCollapse )

5/26/05 09:26 pm - jinxxedx

Why can I never get anyone to join my communities?

5/19/05 03:26 pm - cruel_hope

My ApplicationCollapse )

5/18/05 04:45 pm - jinxxedx

Hey, Moderation checking in here. gone_2_soon: Application? I know it's hard to remember, but whenever you can! Unless you've decided against a membership.


5/17/05 05:25 pm - jinxxedx - The Mod!

Hey, this is the Moderator making the first post! Please start posting your applications today! Make sure you post your application within 24 hours of joining! Have fun, and happy writings!

P.S. Auto-accepts still need to fill out the application!
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